Simple way of Working

lets code you up!

Our process

We strictly adhere to the punchline of our company, "complex.made.simple". We keep it simple, always!

We make a good planning

We provide you with a trendy structure of your service. After approval of the basic structure, we dispatch a preliminary concept from our side. That design concept will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc.

We start with development followed by integration

Once the preliminary concept is approved by you, our development team informs you about the EDD (Estimated date of delivery) and starts up with the coding. Once the development is done, we incorporate your requests into the design.

The big day!

After all the tiresome work, we still have the most important thing pending, the "TESTING". Before dispatching the final product to you, we make sure that all the elements are working the way they are supposed to. This avoids future inconveniences to us as well as to the client.

Once we have finished with the testing and incorporating all the content you wish to have at launch, we move the design from the development sub-directory to the real world directory, thereby making your product live. Congratulations!