Corporate Identity

A corporate identity or corporate image is the manner which a corporation, firm or business presents themselves to the public (such as customers and investors as well as employees). Corporate identity is a primary goal of the corporate communications, for the purpose to maintain and build the identity to accord with and facilitate the corporate business objectives.

A corporate identity is a very important element in any business, with enormous utility when displaying products and services.

The existence of a single corporate identity is a very important element for every business, with a huge utility in the promotion of its products and services.


A corporate identity is the visual profile of a company or in other words the way in which a company submits itself to the general public. The public is actually not necessarily composed only by customers, but also by a large number of different groups of people, such as colleagues, investors, as well as employees.


The most essential features of corporate identity are manifested primarily by visual means. These means include elements such as a dynamic logo, corporate colors and printed matter that has strict design standards. But a company can proceed in a more detailed definition of its data, in accordance with its philosophy. For example, it may develop a specialized way in the design of products, address public relations in a particular way its etc.


In a corporate "umbrella" many different elements are included. Some of them were already mentioned above. Now we will analyze them and add a few more important aspects of the corporate identity.

  • Company name

    Perhaps the most important of all the elements is the company name. It is a verbal means, imprinted in the public's memory. It is necessary to be easily said and written. This is because individuals should easily be able to talk about your business to other people. Furthermore, they should easily be able to note or type it when searching to find information online.

  • Tagline

    The tagline is yet another verbal element. It does not have the same weight as the company name, since it is more complementary and its absence doesn't particularly affect the total. But there are cases where the tagline helps considerably as an explanatory sentence. This happens especially when the object of the company is not being quite clear only by its name.

  • Logo

    All forms of the enterprise must be fully consistent with the overall corporate identity. This is achieved through the use of colors, shapes and the general aesthetics of the logo. In this way the company can easily communicate its principles.

  • Internet

    The consistency, which prevails in the printed forms of communication, is essential to be also followed in each presentation of the company on the internet. Thereby, web users can easily obtain information about the products and services of the enterprise.

  • Public relations

    Over the years the philosophy around what is considered as a "corporate identity" is constantly evolving. Thus, a company may have a specific way in which it communicates with the public. On some occasions it is asked of the employees to be particularly friendly with the customers, while in other enterprices it is asked of them not to communicate with the buying public at all.

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